As a Commercial Property Owner or Facilities Manager, there are many maintenance tasks that you will have to organise. One particular area that often gets missed on your ‘To Do List is Window Cleaning. Although it may fall quite low on many lists of tasks to be undertaken, it can be quite an important area of maintenance.

Apart from the obvious reasons of keeping the windows clean and presenting a nice image for your business, there are many more important reasons to have your windows cleaned on a regular basis. Water dripping off brickwork, concrete, aluminium or gutters can create hard water stains and limescale or mineral streaks on glass. This damage can become permanent on the glass.

Unsightly spider webs can take over the corners (as well as spider nests) and bird mess can become hardened onto frames and glass almost like concrete.

Having the windows cleaned on a regular basis will keep the premises looking clean, presentable and gives a thoroughly professional image to clients as they approach your building.

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