As the hot weather has finally hit us with a bang, the calls have been coming in non stop for quotes and bookings for external cleaning. Everyone is sitting in their garden in this beautiful weather looking up at their gutters, fascias & soffits and noticing a good old gutter garden sprouting over, or that the plastics are looking a bit grubby against the background of a beautiful blue sky. In the winter months they don’t get noticed so much, let’s face it no-one sits in the garden when the temperatures are way down low.

We now have only 1 date available in July and about 5 days available in August for any of our 1-off external cleaning services. If you would like a quote for any of our services, please contact us via our contact form and we will be in touch asap

We are enjoying this glorious weather. We prefer a bit of a breeze to get us through the working date with the high temperatures, but we must not complain, we much prefer working in this rather than freezing temperatures

Make the most of this great weather!!

Supashine 🙂