If you have never received a window clean via a water fed pole system, you may be curious to what it is all about? Why do window cleaners use this method? What are the advantages?

A high percentage of window cleaning providers now use the pure water ‘Reach & Wash’ method. It is the latest technology in a very old industry. Gone are the days where someone walks around the streets carrying an old wooden ladder with chamois cloths slung over their shoulders (albeit you may still see the odd one or two still about). Health & Safety Regulations along with new technology has pushed the industry forward into having the latest systems, fully kitted out vans and window cleaners being able to offer many more services than just cleaning windows.

From the aspect of Health & Safety, the use of water fed poles brings a huge benefit, allowing cleaners to keep both feet firmly on the ground whilst carrying out your clean. It eliminates the use of ladders in most cases, avoiding risk of falls, ladders slipping, or ladders falling onto property. It increases safety for the public, the homeowner and also the operator.

Pure Water Window Cleaning also eliminates the need for use of detergents, therefore environmentally friendly. Pure water alone absorbs dirt from windows, frames, sills etc. As there is no detergent residue left on your windows (which there would be via the old traditional method), they will attract less dust & grime.

Gone are the days where the customer is just opening their upstairs curtains to be met by the face of a window cleaner the other side of the glass. As cleaning can now be carried out from the ground, it reduces disturbance for the customer and maintains privacy.

All of our window cleans are carried out using the water fed pole method and customers are extremely happy with this method. Not only does it give a fantastic clean, all frames, sills, glass & upvc doors are cleaned every time. Customers love this. Gone are the days when only the glass in windows was cleaned, allowing the dirt & grime to build up around the frames. This is a fantastic benefit for customers.

If you would like a quote for regular window cleaning, contact us to see if we cover your area on our rounds, and if we do, we can send you a quote with available dates 🙂

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