Wow, it’s almost the end of October! Where has this year gone? As we approach the colder months, more & more customers are wanting to make sure their gutters are cleared out before the freezing weather approaches.

Ice, snow & wind can take their toll on gutters. Imagine if we have a hard freeze or a heavy snowfall and your gutters are filled with debris such as moss, dirt and leaves. As soon as the snow or ice starts to melt, the water will have nowhere to run off to as the gutters are full of debris. It will ebb back over the gutter against your property causing damp issues, or you will have a waterfall effect as it spills over the sides.

If your gutters haven’t been cleared out for a fair few years, the chances are they are going to need it. Make sure they are clear ready for winter so that melting ice or snow can flow freely along the guttering and away from your property.

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